Goliran saffron

We export TENS OF TONS OF SAFFRON annually to various countries including: Spain, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Austria, Sweden, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iraq, Saudi Arabia  UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, India, Mauritius, USA.

Goliran Saffron is focused on the red thread Persian saffron. We offer premium-quality saffron. Goliran saffron comes from saffron farms that are of the highest quality and the saffron collected from those farms are 100% natural red threads and are free of chemicals or preservatives. The saffron we use is made of red stigmas that have been handpicked professionally. We ensure there’s absolutely no damage or break to the saffron threads. It is then naturally dried which preserves flavor, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in the process. When you open any of our premium-quality saffron packs you’ll be amazed by the natural red color. It is also accompanied by the pleasant scent of this fantastic spice that is sprinkling everywhere and is a strong proof that our saffron is free of synthetic components and is completely natural, and of the highest quality.


GAP  tea & herbal tea
Saffron rock candy
Cake powder
Flavored Sugar Candy
Jelly powder
Saffron Syrup